Where you can ask till your little heart's content.  Where there is no curfew or deadlines to meet. There's just you, the keyboard, a screen, probably a mouse and I assume some stuff on your desk, perhaps a pen or pencil. You might even be on your phone. Never mind all that!  The important thing is that you are present and accounted for. So, let me again welcome you to the site.  You aren't lost I hope.  Do you have any idea where it is that you are?

The best site on the internet without question.  Okay, let's be honest.  It isn't the best.  But I dare someone to say it isn't in the top 10.  "This site is my favorite site ever made. Period. Plus that Jeran is one hell of a good guy!"  -JeranWhere else can you ask jeranism?  The answer..  a few other places but this is the best of the few!  And you shouldn't take my word for it. Take a look at some of these testimonials. So sit back, grab a friend and browse through the over 1400 questions and answers and while you are here... you might as well add a few. Lots of places to go from here so choose a tab below and by all means, enjoy yourself while you are here!




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