Hello! Welcome to ask.jeranism.com  Pretty much the coolest site on the net.  Next to jeranism.com of course.  Now, this may not be peer reviewed but really, does that matter? The important thing is for you to look around and make your mind up for yourself.  Review the evidence and then decide.  Is it or isn't it the coolest site in existence?

And guess what?  If you decide it isn't, well then no big deal.  You and I can agree to disagree.  Wasn't that pleasant?  However, if you haven't noticed... the world often does not work this way.  There are many places and concepts that you better believe what you are told or you might be labeled crazy, a nut job or the dreaded "conspiracy theorist."  Sometimes, you may even be labeled the worst thing known to mankind... you might be called a "Flat Earther." Oh dear God!   The absolute horror. Well, truth be told... if you did label me a flat earther, you would in this case... be correct.  Yes, the one thing they taught us all was the most insane belief anyone could possible have... may in fact be true.  But as I always do, I suggest you do your own research and make up your own mind.

If you decide that there is plenty of evidence that all doubt should be removed and that you in fact are standing right this moment (possibly sitting) on a gigantic space rock hurling through space. If they have convinced you with proof and evidence that you are spinning 1040 mph and orbiting a sun 1.3 million times the size of earth.  If the evidence you have seen is sufficient enough to allow you to accept that you are in that orbit traveling 66,600 mph and not you or any other human that has ever been alive has felt that speed.  If you believe in your heart that you are flying around endless space with the sun at 480,000 mph and together with the Milky Way galaxy you are convinced that the evidence shows conclusively that all together we are traveling 2,200,000 mph around the "Great Attractor" which has never been observed but must surely be there as this "Great Attractor" is a mere 2,400,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles wide.

If the extraordinary claim that the stars we see at night are a minimum of 25,000,000,000,000 miles away (that is not a random guess, that is the real number for the closest star to us) has been backed up with the extraordinary evidence that such a belief requires.  If you feel safe in trusting the scientific consensus which is no doubt filled with great minds. Great minds that have agreed that a teaspoon full of neutron star weighs 20,000,000,000 lbs. Hey, who am I to tell you what you should or should not believe. In fact, I prefer you not to tell me what to believe. Just because I laugh at the idea of living on a Globe doesn't mean you can't call it a fact. If you are okay with not questioning the fact that 50 years ago, NASA sent 12 men to walk on the lunar surface, a tiny 238,000 miles away in a half million mile round trip orbit, every one of those 6 trips taking place while Richard Nixon was president.  And that since that final flight in 1972, the farthest any human has been is 250 miles in "low earth orbit."  If you do not see a problem with NASA, who operates entirely on the tax money collected from us regular citizens, and you think they are providing humanity with a quality return on investment on the over $52,000,000 a day they get from the Federal Government.  Perhaps you see no issue with the fact that they hire scientists and engineers to work for them in various capacities and when one of these great minds (that we pay the salary of mind you) discovers some new technology or opens the world to a new element or new scientific understanding... that NASA takes that new technology and the patent that goes with it and they sell it at auction to the highest bidder who is always some corporation or company.  That company then takes that technology and creates products with it that they can turn and charge us, the original investors of said technology, large retail prices for.  If NASA were to release that patent to the general public (who funded said discovery) then overall prices would drop and people would experience immediate benefits of their original investment into NASA.

Like I said, we can happily agree to disagree but deep down inside, I feel that there is a small chance you may have never considered what you believe because it was taught to you at the age of 6, when you were not ready to review evidence and make conclusions. At that age, we were all convinced Santa climbed down the chimney of every home n the world on one evening and that the tooth fairy would fly in through your window and leave you money at night in exchange for lost teeth.  To be honest, at age 6 we would believe just about anything that someone told us. If you really think about it, they could have convinced us all of the most insane and outrageous idea that anyone had ever heard... and every one of us would have believed it.  If it was taught in school books, imagine that those children would become the teachers who would just continue on teaching thinking these beliefs of theirs were true as well.  I mean anything would be possible.  I bet they could have taught the world that we all came from monkeys and that the earth is 4.54 billion years old and that we are all just a speck of dust in the cosmic dance with about 30 sextillion stars, all greater than our sun flying around the vast vacuum known as space.  If they would have taught us that bullshit, we would have believed it.  Some of us no longer do.  Aristotle once said,   “He who seeks the truth must doubt everything.” – Aristotle

Welcome to reality...  this is jeranism.

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